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Agire Foundation launches a new matchmaking platform and makes it available to SMEs, startups, and investors in the area of Ticino and Italian Grisons, creating structured formats and leveraging its network of services and international contacts in the field of innovation.

By doing so, Agire wants to encourage and stimulate the matching between these different actors to achieve a specific common goal, which will be identified from time to time.

To give communicative strength to this new service, it was decided to choose a name that encompasses the key concept in a single and meaningful word, namely the “search for something” or, even better, “scouting”.

The «Scouting Days Agire», or events dedicated to the “search for something”, contain various specific themes such as the search for innovative ideas, inventors, the search for funding, and, in the future, other topics such as finding project partners, mentors, and so on.

This is a new piece devised by Agire Foundation to foster innovation in Ticino.



The primary goal is to spread and stimulate the culture of innovation, under the principle of open innovation, by supporting the identified categories, increasing contacts with the local economic fabric, and implementing synergies within the Regional Innovation System.


The Scouting Days platform consists of several instruments and events, which have different formats and targets. Individual events will be periodically repeatable and modifiable according to the specific needs of the requesting partner.

With the Scouting Days, Agire in its role as coordinator of the Regional Innovation System, makes its network of contacts, its know-how, and its resources available to the various economic actors to generate added value and multiply the impact and effectiveness of the action on a specific target.


Powered by Agire

Aimed at professionals, businesses, and innovation enthusiasts: Fondazione Agire organizes the annual Action Day, an event dedicated to the growth of companies through transformation, innovation, and the opportunities offered by new technologies.

The term ACTION, an Italian acronym which stands for Aziende in Crescita attraverso Trasformazione, Innovazione, Opportunità e Nuove tecnologie (companies in growth through transformation, innovation, opportunities and new technologies), is a real call to action: with this event, which annually offers a different focus, Fondazione Agire wants to stimulate entrepreneurs and companies to take action to find new innovative solutions that will foster the development of the cantonal economic fabric. The 2024 edition will take place on Tuesday, September 17, 2024, at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano.


Discover the latest trends in innovation and new technologies.

Delve into the key issues of Industry 4.0 to optimize your production and business management.

Learn from case studies and successful best practices.

Optimize processes to maximize business efficiency and reduce resource waste.

Improve market competitiveness by delivering value to your customers.

Make connections with industry professionals for new growth opportunities.

Scouting for

Powered by Agire

Aimed at local investors and startups: Agire wants to create, and grow over time, a network of Ticino investors in order to connect them with indigenous startups seeking investment.

This project also has the goal of bringing “new players,” especially Family Offices, closer to investments in this specific segment of startups, which is constantly growing in our Canton.

In this context, we organize special closed events where Ticino investors meet local startups, and vice versa, to find possible investments. These meetings are open to startups from all sectors, carefully selected and invited by Agire Foundation in collaboration with other actors in the ecosystem.


Free and periodic meetings organized by Fondazione Agire.

Agire carefully selects startup profiles to better meet the needs of investors.

Agire takes care of the best possible match between startups and investors.

Investors come into contact with the Ticino startup ecosystem.

Startups have the opportunity to meet indigenous investors and establish profitable relationships.

The creation of a strong network between actors operating and coming from the same geographical region.

We build business together.

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